Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Fishing Boat

We purchased a used fishing boat this past week and Libby and William are having fun working on it together.  Maybe William is doing most of the working and Libby is just playing, but it is fun to see them hanging out together.

It is an older Lund boat and William is so excited that he finally has his own fishing boat.  Libby gets excited because she calls it "my boat" and always wants to play in it.  Even when Daddy isn't home, or when the boat is covered.  She wants to be in her boat.

Look Mommy, I drive my boat!

I drive fast Mommy!

Do you want to come on my boat Mommy?
You are supposed to wear your life jacket Mommy, the seat doesn't need to wear one!
She is having such a great time in the boat with Daddy.  I have teased William for the past few years that the boat needs a name and we may have to call it the "Libby 2".  I think it is already starting to live up to its name because Libby is always saying "Libby go too!"  I hope there will be lots of great family time in the boat teaching Libby and her younger sibling to fish and enjoy the outdoors.  I know William will get lots of use out of it when he can escape in the early morning to enjoy a few hours of solitude by himself!

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