Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

Reading:  My goodness, I wish I was able to sit and read something substantial.  I don't think Facebook/Twitter updates count as "reading"...

Listening to:  Libby say "Mommy" repeatedly for the thousandth time today.  While it is still music to my ears, there are times I wish she wanted her Daddy more.  I just can't help her with everything at this stage of the pregnancy.

Watching:  The Twins game...  Depressing.  But it was cool to see a catcher pitch.

Cooking/Baking:  Spinach & Chevre Pizza for Dinner with Salad

Happy I accomplished last week:  Planting our "mini-garden" for the year.  Libby was such a helpful little girl.  She actually did really well in assisting digging the holes and planting seeds!  Now we get to watch it grow!  I hope this helps her want to try the vegetables we grow.  She still doesn't like any vegetables...

Looking forward to this week:  My dentist appointment on Tuesday.  I think I must be the strangest person because I love going to the dentist.  And my midwife appointment on Wednesday.  Hopefully some progress has been made and I will be closer to going into labor.  I seriously cannot sleep anymore.  Starting to really look forward to the sleep deprived time after the baby is born because I will likely get more sleep during that time then I am now...

Thankful for today:  My family.  The best husband ever, the sweetest little girl and the little one getting ready to make his/her entrance to our world shortly!  So hard to believe this pregnancy is almost over!

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